Baby’s First Time with Your Nanny

Leaving your baby with a Nanny for the first time can be a little daunting, you might be thinking “Will they love my baby like I do?”, “Will they be as dedicated when I’m not around?”, “Can I trust them?”. Don’t worry, these are very normal questions to have in mind when experiencing childcare for the first time. We have advice and tips below to help make the transition for you and your baby that much easier.

When you are searching for the perfect Nanny, go a little further than the first interview. It is important to get all the technical questions out-of-the-way and assess a Nanny’s experience and qualifications but if you feel you need to know a little more about the Nanny as a person then why not invite them around for a cuppa and chat to get to know them. Maybe even have them spend some time with you and your baby at home or in the local park, this is a great way to get insight on how the Nanny will work when you are not around.

Once you’ve found your perfect Nanny and things are ready to go ahead. Have them come a week earlier for a ‘hand over’ period to build up a relationship with your Nanny giving you the opportunity to show them around your home, baby’s room, equipment and run through the more general information. Have a list of contacts for you Nanny to call in case of emergency, go through the baby’s routine and feeding and how you like things to be done around the house. Take the time to leave your baby with the Nanny for a few minutes every now and again throughout the day to give them a chance to get to know each other.

Finally, when you are leaving try not to get too stressed, your baby will pick up on this and leaving will be even more upsetting so stay calm and smile and kiss your baby goodbye. Your Nanny should have an activity to distract your baby after you leave so try not to linger even if your baby starts to cry. Check in with your Nanny throughout the day to see how things are going and, if this is agreed between you, have her send you pictures of your baby’s day.

Belgrave Agency deal with lots of first time parents and are always here to check in with our clients and Nannies throughout the placement.

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