Halloween for Nannies and Parents

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Halloween is nearly here and we thought we would put together a few ideas to celebrate this magical night. Whether you have wobblers, toddlers or pre-teens we have a game for you. Bobbing for Apples An old one but a classic. Children of all ages will love this game and it’s so simple! Fill a [...]

Benefits of Temping for Childcare Workers and Nannies

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Working in childcare can be the most rewarding experiences one can have in life but not all jobs out there are full time with excellent pay and hours to match. We all have different needs and circumstances and sometimes finding the right role to suit our lifestyle and career can be a little daunting especially [...]

First Aid – Why It’s Important for Everyone

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At Belgrave Agency we believe that everyone who has contact with children, whether you're a parent or childcare professional, should have all the knowledge they need to care for that childs wellbeing. What would you do if your child was choking or poisoned? It's a scary thought to be in a moment when you realize your child needs your help [...]

Stay Warm this Winter

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As I'm sure we can all tell, it's starting to get a little colder out there as the Winter approaches. The children are back at school and possibly home again with colds and flu. It is vital to try and fight off any nasty bugs that come your way by preparing for the worst. Here [...]