Professional Employment Contract Service 

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If you wish to put an employment contract in place with your new or existing Nanny, we can offer this service. - We will provide a legal Employment Contract - We can supply, complete and have this contract ready for signatures For more information please contact Susan Dunn by email or phone 01-2809341

Advice for Parents – Contract Employment Advice

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Contract of Employment Advice We advice all clients to have a legal contract of employment for any new hire. We here at Belgrave have a draft contract of employment that has been created by a solicitor. We are more than happy to provide this contract to our clients when they have reach this stage of [...]

Advice for Nanny Success

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Put the work arrangement in writing. You and your nanny should have a written record of what your obligations are. By writing down your nanny'€™s work schedule, days off, pay, benefits and other details you have both agreed to, you will minimise misunderstandings later. Agree on house rules You owe it to yourself and your [...]