A bit about us

Belgrave Agency (Nanny.ie) was established in 1996 by founder and managing director Susan Dunn, who has been running the successful Belgrave Agency for 20 years. Susan started off her career working as a professional Nanny in Ireland, UK and abroad. Since 1996, she has placed Nannies for thousands of families across Ireland, UK and abroad, and indeed for herself to mind her daughter, Amber. Susan feels that this valuable local and international experience, from all perspectives helps to run and maintain a successful Nanny Agency and offers both her clients and Nannies a professional, friendly and efficent service.

What do you need? What is the most important aspect of the job to you? Do you need full time or part time? Do you only want to meet candidates with a minimum of 3 years experience? These are the type of questions that will help us to find the right candidates for you to interview. We understand how limited your time is, how busy all our lives are so we are here to help you secure a trustworthy employee with the appropriate amount of time spent on candidate reviews and interviews. To do this we match your personal criteria provided to us in a registration form with vetted Belgrave candidates.

If we have no suitable applicants to suit your requirements immediately, we will advertise your vacancy in strict confidence free of charge and keep you informed on a regular basis of all progress being made.

Success Rate

We have an 89% success rate of finding the right full-time candidate for our clients within 1 to 3 candidate interviews. This is due to our thorough criteria match for client to candidate, personal review of compatibility, capability, location, availability and more. Our 89% success rate of securing our clients successful candidates in such a short time helps make the process of review, interview and job offer as hassle free as possible.

Agency’s Trial Period

Our Agency offers a trial period of 3 full calendar months and a full replacement.

Come talk to Us

Susan and her team understand the emotions involved for parents to find a Nanny to leave their children with and that they need to feel 100% comfortable. Our offices are located in South County Dublin and we would be delighted to meet with you here. We also understand that it is not always convenient for clients to travel to us so it may be preferable for you to have us travel to meet you. This can be at a location that is convenient to your work or perhaps at your home when both parents may want to be present. Please call Susan, Rita & Jana on +353 (01) 4069695 / +353 (0)1 4069295.

Our offices are located in Dun Laoghaire, South County Dublin.

We Understand

As a mother herself Susan understands and knows what it takes to find a great Nanny, that busy Mum’s and Dad’s don’t always have the luxury of days or months to dedicate to this very personal search. Susan understands the emotions involved for parents to find a Nanny to leave their child or children with and that they need to feel 100% comfortable. We know all aspects of the process of finding a Nanny and will help and support you every step of the way. For full details on our services and to easily register with Belgrave Agency, please speak to Susan, Rita or Jana on +353 (01) 4069695 / +353 (0)1 4069295.